There are a million stories about people from the Midwest rising above their humble beginnings to leave a mark on the world, but this one is mine. A childhood spent in a Southwest Michigan farming town under the guidance of parents who loved the arts as much as one another led me to appreciate all forms of creative expression from an early age.

The only thing I ever wanted to do was connect people with great entertainment, but it took a while to find my calling. I successfully petitioned my hometown for funding to open a music venue at fifteen, and by seventeen I was traveling the countryside performing songs I wrote. College brought an opportunity to study the entertainment while moonlighting as a radio DJ and blossoming critic. It was during that time that I created a music blog known as Under The Gun Review, which I later sold to a media company shortly after graduation.

The choice to build a career on the merit of my skills led to industry recognition and bylines at some of the biggest publications on the planet, including Rolling Stone and Alternative Press. It also led to marketing work at a music startup, tour management with artists on Van’s Warped Tour, the launch of a record label, and my current role as Director Of Customer Engagement at Haulix.

Throughout my journey, the power that entertainment possesses has been a focus of my work. The right words, images, and music can transform someone’s life and make them see things from a fresh perspective. My goal is to help creative people reach new fans and better engage with their audience. The world needs great art now more than ever, and together, we can help people find the next thing that changes their life.